NIMA 2016: Lake

NIMA 2016: Lake

Stock footage adapted from my July 2016 podcast interview with film composer Nima Fakhrara (The Girl in the Photographs, Revolution 1979: Black Friday) for (

The second of 3 sets in the NIMA 2016 collection – Lake – is comprised of a trio of elements. The first features blue lines that emerge from the frame edge and bend to form loose circles that remain sustained; the second involves a flickering blue-green bob that rises from the frame bottom and ends as it approaches the upper frame with flickering glare refracted at the frame edges; the third features a macro version of the blue-green blob that smothers the screen and shifts to a negative image while the amorphous circle seems to lick the frame edges.

Basic facts:

- Royalty-free
- Silent
- Filmed off an analogue oscilloscope using a multiplexer and an analogue SD camera, recorded straight into Premiere, and layered with custom effects and colour plugins within a 1920x1080 project.
- Final file is a 1920x1080 H264 MP4 file at 29.97 fps.

Sets in the NIMA 2016 collection include Sorrow, Lake, and Girl. Please note: these clips cannot be resold, repackaged, or streamed for sale without written permission from the author, Mark R. Hasan.

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NIMA 2016: Lake

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